Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog post 4 - Wimba Sessions

Again, I was unfortunately unable to attend Wimba this week. One thing I noticed with all of the attendees is that they has a solid grasp on how they were going to present their piece to, who they were going to present it to and also have a good idea on how to put these into place. What I liked most about most of these, especially Blair's and Mark H's presentations is that it could generate a lot of communication by way of questions and inquiries to keep the ball rolling down hill so to speak. I see great potential for all of these ideas to progress and take off. Finding the right avenue to deliver these presentations, however, if you can find that right avenue, these ideas can really catch fire and take off.

If anything, taking a look at the Wimba session has really given me some great motivation in creating a presentation that would stack up to these others on a professional and complete basis. Thank you again everyone for all the input and knowledge we have shared.

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