Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 4 Publishing/Leadership project part 1 of 2: Presentation Ideas

When reviewing this week's Publish/Leadership project I decided on going with a presentation instead of a paper. Because my AR project is about Gestalt and it being very visual, I believe producing a visual reference for the project is appropriate.

In researching some of the conferences listed in our Week 4 materials, a couple stood out to me. EduComm, Association for Educational Communications and Technology as well as EDCAUSE. They all have areas in which my project presentation would fit. EduComm has a lot a of background in producing presentations dealing in Adobe products which is where graphic design lives and it has quite a drawing of interested participants. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology is another conference where this would fit because they focus on the learning in the digital age, all of which our projects deal with. Edcause simply because of the scope and magnitude it could bring a project like mine.

However, another conference is very interesting me, and one I have attended - WordCamp. I attended WordCamp last year in Fayetteville, Arkansas and while there were two tracks - blogger and programmer - they had speakers that touched on not only content but design. In bringing some kind of design psychology, in other words Gestalt, it would help introduce the Gestalt principles to those with very little education or knowledge, if any, of them.

Or maybe, just maybe, I can present this at several!

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  1. As visual art teachers and students of an Education Media Design Technology Masters Program, it makes since that one would choose to make a presentation with images. Somehow I overlooked EduComm as a possibility for presenting my work. Thanks for sharing that EduComm often has presenters share creative uses for Adobe products. The thought also crossed my mind to present to more than one conference. It seems like a win-win situation. We go to these conferences to give of ourselves and in return we learn some things back.