Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog response 1 to Sarah

Each week I've truly enjoyed reading this book. The part that really jumped out at me was that of "being the board." The idea of imagining myself as a board in the game of life and assuming all responsibilities and risks eliminates the need for the "blame game." (This would have been a great concept for me to realize as a teenager!) Even now, like the example in the book, it's so easy to quickly try to pass the blame for that quickly satisfying feeling of being right or off the hook. However, viewing myself as the board and realizing that I can change my outlook can help me overcome obstacles and greet each circumstance with a brighter perspective.

I could not agree with you more! I completely see the analogy between life and a board game, being a part of that game. We find ourselves in a very exciting position in what we can do with the knowledge we have gained over the last 11 months. I am curious to see how I react, how I perform with all of this new information. I am quite excited to get this journey going...even though another one is ending!

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