Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2 Reading - Response to Dena

There were so many life lessons demonstrated in the 1st four chapters. The reading encouraged me to change the way I think. Think positive and to think of things as you want them to be. It forces you to be optimistic. It also suggested that life is better if you give. When you give and not look for anything in return, then your blessings are multiplied. I'm a living witness. There are a lot of concepts that I will be trying in my classroom next year. It is too late to apply some of them now. The concept of giving students an "A" at the beginning of a course can take some of the worries and frustrations away. Students may feel more comfortable in a new classroom setting and it may boost their confidence. Changing the way we think about everything is definitely the key to living a prosperous life. In some situations...It may even change the outcome.

I agree that this weeks reading was far more reaching than just in this class. You really got a sense it could be applied in so many different areas. I think the giving an A concept could be a slippery soap if not implemented correctly. While I agree that it would definitely put the student at ease and take off some of the stress in starting a new class, giving them confidence and a positive attitude, giving it on something that requires more effort may set them up for failure on future assignments. For example, if they put forth this effort and get an A, that effort may not be the same effort needed on future assignments. However, I do see the point being made in the reading, I just hope it's use is in the proper way.

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