Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog response 2 to Christopher

Creating the framework for possibility is my favorite chapter of this book as it forced me to think in a completely different way. I think we all need to aspire to be leaders and as teachers we lead everyday. This type of leadership would completely change the way my classroom would function as well as the staff that I work with. Since I have started to do a lot of staff development I have had to do a lot of leadership roles that I am slowly getting comfortable with but always looking for ways to become a better leader. Constructing a framework of possibility instead of working off others fears seems like a difficult thing to do. I think that constructing a framework of possibility does require some rapport with those that are hearing you or following you. Also, I would need to not have my emotions of the day effect how I lead those that are going through a tough time or during a tough situation for the whole staff.
There are many times when this form of leadership would be so much better than a demanding type leadership. WHen situations get tough, instead of leading or emerging out of fear, create a possible atmosphere where the staff as a whole can climb out of the situation instead of being pulled out by one person. 

I also enjoyed this chapter because of it challenging us to think different. I have always thought that challenging an idea, or a way an idea is created can unearth new sides to us we never knew exited. This would undoubtedly help us in trying to communicate and reach a new audience that we either could not reach before or felt extremely challenged to reach. You mention creating a rapport with those you are teaching or leading, and that is very important I believe. In educating on a more leading way instead of feeling your students are beneath you, can really help dial in to your followers, to have a connection instead of boundaries. Getting the participants truly engrossed in the idea and learning materials will greatly increase the chance of success in my opinion.

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