Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 3 Reading - Art of Possiblity.

Change is hard. Change is difficult. It is each of these to accept and apply. When something is different, or proposed to us to change the way we do things, we resist most of the time. That's normal I believe. We are creatures of habit naturally therefore any challenge to that habit is a challenge. This weeks reading hits that home for most of us. Teachers, I believe, are one of the professions where change is almost rarely seen. It takes a lot of effort, openness and time to really embrace any kind of change to education. Working outside our comfort zone isn't natural, so of course it will be met with resistance. Rule Number 6 allows for that to happen. One of the things teachers can do to help eliminate any harsh feelings between student and instructor, is to refuse the us against them kind of theory. Putting yourself on a higher level, whether it's instructor/student or boss/employee, it creates friction. To eliminate it and say hey, we are going to try this and see what happens. To be truly equally invested in the change would help both parties. This weeks reading has helped make that easy to comprehend.

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  1. Interesting take on this week's reading. I think that you nail it with the observation that friction often happens when one assumes to be at a "higher" level. I know that I don't respond well when I'm "told" to do something in a fashion assumes my lower position to the one making the order. I always believed that if I could respect and find a way to motivate my stubborn students then that would be much more powerful than trying to strip them of their stubbornness. I knew that being stubborn, if for a construction/good reason, was an important survival skill.