Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 4 Response to Reading

Coming up on the end of my program, this was a great few chapters to end this class. Getting ready to graduate from this program, it had some amazing analogies that I can apply to my life as well as my career. I think all of us can identify with the analogy of life being a board game of sorts. That we all have our own positions, parts and responsibilities during this game. Understanding that each decision we make, each path we decide to take, or not take, has an influence on the entire aspect of life itself. The paths we choose not only effect ourselves, but also the people we surround ourselves with at the time and even later on down the road, just as those we would not be influenced by ourselves. For example, our choice to be in an education program such as this effects those around us now and those we have yet to be introduced to. However, if we choose another career path we would likely not meet the same people as if we stayed on this one. All in all this weeks reading really drove hope the idea of what purpose means to me.

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  1. I'm glad that the book has inspired you and that you are all the more aware of the choices you are making and will make on your journey though life. enjoy.